This is a year 2022 blog about Melissa Kay Kinder’s U.S.A. presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced PSYCHology-based: political asylum, political problems, need for political protection, and political ambitions. It is mostly written as a story of what happened over the period of 9+ years starting in 2013.

Hi. My name is Melissa Kay Kinder. I have been a politically ambitious, advanced PSYCHology-based political asylee from the U.S.A. and its government, stuck inside the U.S.A., for the last eight years, beginning in 2014. My need for political asylum is based on PSYCHological reasons (including major PSYCHological human rights violations), such as: PSYCHic / PSYCHological Operations & Warfare (PSYOps & PSYWar) against me; false forced PSYCHiatry (including imprisonment and PSYCHiatric drug poisoning) for being PSYCHic and for experiencing the PSYCHic realm; an Austigic Autistic (a term that I created) government which is harmful, neglectful, and non-useful; and more…

I have a university degree in PSYCHology and studied advanced PSYCHology (and more) independently for many, many years, such that my knowledge in the field is greater, more advanced than what is currently taught in universities. And I am a U.S.A., presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced PSYCHological Revolutionary and PSYCHological human rights activist, trying to fix major PSYCHological and other human rights violations, which the governments and the United Nations are not yet assisted assisting with and which non-for-profit and for-profit businesses have not yet been created yet to assist with (the same human rights violations that I suffer from or have suffered from myself), and trying to raise the PSYCHological intelligence of the fields of PSYCHology and PSYCHiatry and the public out of Austigers Autism (again, a term that I created), via my advanced PSYCHology perspective, and via my many U.S.A., presidential-level & United Nations-level, advanced PSYCHology-based work projects, including: two political parties, ‘Life Skills Divide Political Party‘ and ‘Ascension Political Party‘; two development businesses, which are imperial; many political and social businesses; and many educational books and novels. These projects are all posted online.


Web Addresses to My 2 U.S.A., Fully Presidential-Level & United Nations-Level, Advanced PSYCHology-Based Political Parties:

Life Skills Divide Political Party Website:

Ascension Political Party Website:

Web Address to My 2 U.S.A. Full Presidential-Level & United Nations-Level, Advanced PSYCHology-Based Empires which Follow My 2 Political Parties:

Web Address to All My U.SA., Presidential-Level & United Nations-Level, Advanced PSYCHology-Based Political Business Projects:

Web Address to All My U.S.A., Presidential-Level & United Nations-Level, Advanced PSYCHology-Based Social (Entreprenurial) Business Projects:

Web Address to My U.S.A.-Based, Presidential-Level & United Nations-Level, Advanced PSYCHology-Based Educational Book Projects:

Web Address to a List of Mostly U.S.A.- Based, Presidential-Level & United Nations-Level, Advanced PSYCHology-Based PSYCHoautobiographical Novels with Summaries Explaining My Life Story:

My Current I.D.s & Documents

This is my current I.D. It expires next year. I’m afraid to get a new I.D. in the area that I am currently am. I am in the same state that I originally escaped from to seek political asylum from 8-9 years ago. I don’t want the government to know this address.

This is the I.D. page of my expired passport and me holding my closed passport book. It expired in 2018. I need to get another passport, but I am afraid of the investigation and whether they will find me involved in potential terrorism/treason/freedom fighting or involvement with Black Star or Black Sun. It will take a couple of months for a new passport that I apply for to be processed and sent to me. And I will have to give them my current address.

This is a copy of my birth certificate. I went and got a new copy this past year so that I could get a new passport. But I went through an aerospace military operation during this time.

My Current Location

My Summary of Reasons I Need Political Asylum:

  • Forced, Illegitimate, Pseudoscientific, Austigic Autistic, Biologically Harmful, Low-Life-Skilled PSYCHiatry:
    • No Due Process
    • Side Effects of the Neurotoxic PSYCHiatric Drugs
    • No Biological Proof of any Disease is Needed or Used
    • PSYCHic is Falsely Considered PSYCHosis
    • Low-Life-Skilled, Inferior, Inhumane Recreation in their Hospitals
  • Military / Spy Operations Against Me:
    • In-Person Imposters in My Life
    • Military Walk up to me in-person About My Life
    • PSYCHotronic and PSYCHic Attacks and Manipulations
    • Aerospace Military Situations, like spaceships (fighting above my head and crashing down around me)
  • Police:
    • When I tell them about military / spy situations, they have me arrested into forced psychiatry
  • E.R.s/Emergency Rooms of Hospitals:
    • When don’t have healthcare insurance, forced into in-patient PSYCHiatry
    • When complain about neurological disorders and not PSYCHiatric disorders, forced into in-patient PSYCHiatry, especially when don’t have insurance
  • Neglect: I was left:
    • homeless, unemployed, and penniless in plain sight in the middle of the U.S.A. capital for around 8 years.
    • being PSYCHically and PSYCHotronically attacked in plain view for the same amount of years.
    • with obvious Extra Pyramidal Symptoms and side effects of severe poisoning for 9 years, not even doctor’s offices or hospitals helped me at all.
    • in need of full political asylum for the same amount of time
    • in military and spy situations for the same amount of time
    • in violent situations in plain view for the same amount of time
  • No Separation from the Christian Religion in Forced and Needed Services:
  • Low-Life Skilled, Autistic, Government Workers and Society:
  • Constant Medical Malpractice
  • Women’s Fashion Problems:
  • Problems of Homeless Shelters:
  • It’s Illegal to be PSYCHic or Experience anything PSYCHic or Paranormal
  • People Experiencing Covert Military/Spy/+ Situations are Called Delusional
  • ….

Where I Need Political Asylum to:

  • A Country with No Forced PSYCHiatry & with Higher Life Skilled, More Ascended PSYCHiatry than in the U.S.A.
  • A Country Which Does Not Call All PSYCHic Phenomenon the PSYCHiatric Disease of PSYCHosis or Schizophrenia
  • A Country Where Police Don’t Have PSYCHotronic Devices to Give the Public Diseases or Murder them PSYCHotronically
  • China or another Atheist Asian country Where there is Better Separation of Religion from the Government
  • Cuba, which is Atheist and has no Homelessness
  • Turkey, which is Islamic and thus Higher Life-Skilled with Sex and Women’s Fashion
  • A country with no illiteracy, so that I my mind will not be PSYCHically harmed and lose the ability to read and write when around those people and where they probably will not PSYCHically steal the ability to read and write as they do in the U.S.A.
  • A country with no obese, fat, and unhealthy people so that my body will not be PSYCHically harmed by such people’s bodies
  • A Country Where Drinking Alcohol in Public Outside of Just Restaurants, Like on Sidewalks, in Parks, & While Shopping, Just to Say Calm, is Allowed.
  • A Country Where there is No Austigic Autism & Where All the Middle Class People Don’t Have Austigic Autism
  • A Country Not Operating on a Heaven, Earth & Hell = Upper, Middle & Lower Class Capitalistic Model
  • Maybe no country is adequate given my situation.


  • I have been in self-imposed political excile, as a political asylee from the U.S.A. government while still inside the U.S.A. and in homelessness and unemployment, fully dislocated outside of capitalism in full neglect by the U.S. government and its citizens
  • I have been slowly dying from Extrapyramidal Symptoms caused by PSYCHiatric poisoning for 9 years. Though it has gotten better after the first 7 years. And I did get PSYCHotronically possessed to keep me from constantly spasming and dying of a broken spinal column from this disease.
  • I have been undergoing PSYCHotronic and PSYCHic attacks against me, such as:
    • …(explain everything that happened to me here)
    • ….
    • ….
  • I independently studied the following:
    • PSYCHology of Homelessness
    • PSYCHology of Employment & Unemployment (Including People’s Natural Employment)
    • PSYCHology of Art & Art Therapy
    • PSYCHology of Recreation & Recreation Therapy
    • PSYCHology of Relationships
    • PSYCHology of Law
    • PSYCHology of Poverty & Socioeconomic Class
    • PSYCHology of Gender
    • PSYCHology of Women & Women’s Issues
    • PSYCHology of Racial Issues
    • PSYCHology of Communications
    • School / Educational PSYCHology
    • Abnormal PSYCHology & PSYCHiatry
    • Anti-PSYCHiatry & Needed PSYCHiatric Reform
    • ParaPSYCHology & Transcendental PSYCHology
    • International / Global / Cross-Cultural PSYCHology
    • Counseling PSYCHology
    • Criminal PSYCHology
    • Addiction PSYCHology & Illegal Drugs / PSYCHoactive Drugs / PSYCHotronic Illegal Drugs
    • PSYCHotronic Torture & Manipulations
    • Targeted Individuals–Covert Surveillance & More…
    • Austigers/Austigic Autism (a New term I created)
    • Government/Politics & Non-for-Profits
    • City & Urban Planning
    • Organizational PSYCHology / Business
    • Defense / Military Issues in Washington, D.C. & Elsewhere
    • Life Skills & Divisions of Life Skills by Class
    • Ability to PSYCHotronically Combat People & Sing-Dance
    • Washington, D.C. & American Society
    • Science Fiction and Fantasy entertainment
    • More …
  • I created the materials for a presidetnial-level, advanced PSYCHological revolution against the U.S.A.:

Problems with PSYCHiatry & How I was & How Everyone is Harmed by It

…- no due process – low-life skilled recreation provided – no biological proof of any disease is obtained – no detailed questionnaires given – no separation from Christian religion – negative side effects of the neurotoxins are too extreme – negative side effects of the neurotoxins that they give patients are treated as symptoms of a PSYCHiatric disease – no understanding of the PSYCHic realm or how the PSYCHiatric diseases are from the PSYCHic realm – diagnosing all PSYCHic issues and phenomenon as schizophrenia or PSYCHosis – the PSYCHiatric drugs do affect the PSYCHic realm, but staff never tell patients this – the neurotoxins make people less or completely non-PSYCHic – the PSYCHiatric drugs remove PSYCHotronic and PSYCHic possessions, connections, and manipulations that are positive/helpful and not just ones that are negative/harmful – treatment of covert military / spy situations as delusions – treat political issues as delusions – refuse to go online to check on what patients tell them about themselves and their situation – treat patients like they are the lowest socio-economic / life skill class when they are not – no socioeconomic / life skill divisions of patients or staff in PSYCHiatric hospitals or offices – not separating patients by their situations that caused them to end up in PSYCHiatry – listening to the person who complained about the patient to get them forced into PSYCHiatry instead of the forced PSYCHiatric patient – forcing PSYCHiatric drugs on people who don’t have the disease – neurotoxins taking 25 years off of people’s lives on average – not warning patients about the side effects of the drugs when giving them – forcing forced PSYCHiatric patients to pay for their forced PSYCHiatric visits and forced drugs instead of the government paying for it – cause people to go unemployed and homeless, due to their long lock-up – more…


1st Phase: International Travel & Troubles Returning Home

I Traveled the World & Ascended in Life Skills

…and changed/improved/ascended in my life skills in the following ways: … …and I lost the American form of autism, which the majority of Americans have and which I later termed “Austigers Autism”…

Something Happened at a Buddhist Temple, & I Returned Home for Awhile

I Went to My Family’s Church: NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC

…gas they released into the air from the vents in the ceiling to make everyone cry and think it was Jesus when it was not, as the pastor kept saying, “Take Jesus in! Take Jesus In! Take Jesus In!” My university friend, also with a psychology degree, was a couple of rows ahead, completely in my vision the whole time, and ridiculously crying and believing that that gas was Jesus when it was not.

I Was Traumatized by U.S.A.’s Low Life Skilled Culture

…I later termed the U.S.A.’s low-life skills and low social intelligence a new form of autism called “Austigers Autism”…but, during this time of being traumatized by the U.S.A.’s low-life skills and social intelligence, I….

Psychiatric Medical Malpractice #1

…(add image of map of clemson, sc later & greenville, sc)…i don’t know if the image is the correct place or not, but it is in the correct location of clemson, sc and looks like the place to me…Clemson, South Carolina & Greenville, South Carolina. I don’t remember the doctor’s offices names. This doctor’s office…I told the doctor that I needed anxiety medicine because I went to my family’s church and the pastor told the congregation to take Jesus in and right after vents opened up on the ceiling and chilly slightly wet air/gas came down onto people which made them all shake and cry thinking that it was Jesus.

My Mother Said to Me, “You’re Satan…”

My mother said the following things to me….”You’re Satan! Believe in Jesus!” & “What were you doing traveling the world just watching movies?!” when I was not, I had just given her movies I had watched in Pakistan as a gift to let her know who I was. One movie was about an alien from outer space born human living on earth and waking up to the fact that he was an alien and getting superpowers but also being hunted to be killed by another alien race.

I spent my time…

I Lived in China & Ascended More in Life Skills, but…

…(add image of map of china above)…became like the Chinese…became good socially, militarily, somewhat politically, in history, but bad at reading, writing, and computers…I became PSYCHic in my torso and in my mind a bit, where I could feel people’s emotions in their torsos and the parts of their mind that they were using…my mind became like the people I was around…I became group oriented, instead of individual-oriented…I cried out my problems with my family and lost my American soul…I was angry at China…

I Lived in Hanoi, Vietnam

…worked and studied PSYCHology and the PSYCHic realm…and…i read a book about PSYCHiatry not forcing PSYCHiatric drugs on PSYCHiatric patients but having their patients garden in Japan instead and that they got rid of the Christian or Judeo-Christian religion in Japan before because it created PSYCHosis…

A Chinese Invasion in Vietnam

(add a map of whole of Vietnam next to the image above in paint doc) This is where I was in Vietnam in 2013, when there was a Chinese invasion (as everyone was telling me, Vietnamese and foreigners) and when I was surrounded by German military. I did PSYCHotronically turn into somewhat of a soldier here and get PSYCHotronically helped while I was under psychic attacks by the Vietnamese and others while I was becoming PSYCHic. I was given a perfect heart that could withstand anything. Before this I had developed a Chinese personality and emotional state after living in China for some time. And when I left Vietnam, I did have Vietnamese emotions. There were advanced devices in people’s hands such as devices to scan people’s bodies to determine which countries they lived in by their emotional states and such. I started noticing such devices in Vietnam. Before this, I had decided that I wanted to learn how to raise enough money in order to start my own country in the future. I had already created a women’s fashion business reform business plan and a women’s fashion retail store because the world had a problem with women’s fashion. I had a plan to travel the world and purposely sit in military invasion/military zones and study while working on my business online on my computer. I had also wanted to start reporting to the news about military operations that were on t in the news. A psychologist/geneticist pair traveling together for work told me to not go back home, and I did not understand why.

Contacted Family for Help

…I noticed my family members were PSYCHically communicating with each other during the online video call..

Returning Home from Vietnam

…(put map of vietnam and usa combined with plane…)…On the plane ride returning home to the U.S.A. from Vietnam, lady on plane next to me with phone sending cryptic messages, said to me, “Your family is not going to understand your Vietnamese emotions.” She also said, “With your Vietnamese emotions you can get any man you want.” …my father went up to her and talked instead of up to me…

Visiting Each Family Member’s House

…(put image of each family members house here. mom’s old house, michelle’s dad’s cheryl’s old house…)…I went to each family members’ separate house. I was shocked that…What my twin sister did: kidnapping, controlling, treating me like her underage daughter, …

Forced to live at Church Street Apartments

….no separation from religion…

Tried to Get Employed, but my Twin Sister…

…but twin sister…

PSYCHiatric Medical Malpractice #2

Easley, South Carolina. Baptist Easley Hospital & Patrick B. Harris Hospital & an outpatient Easley PSYCHiatric center of a name I cannot remember…Romance problem & drugs ward. This PSYCHiatric hospital did the following to me….They injected me with something when I first arrived that made me fully unconscious for three days. I don’t know what they did to me during this time. They falsely said that the Chinese invasion of Vietnam was delusional schizophrenia…poison pill that made my heart beat into my spine and my spine to have all the torso’s energy in it…ended up with a spasming spine…”What were you doing in that country?” was the only question asked from me in court…a new and strange woman gave me a poison pill one day separate from what I was normally given…5 weeks in hospital and 6 months in forced outpatient…Questions they asked me: Just before entering the doors to the psychiatric ward, I was asked “Are you a danger to yourself or others?” I said no. They had me enter through the doors anyway. Inside the PSYCHiatric ward they eventually started asking me daily, “Do you hear voices in your head?” I said no. They gave the drugs they were already going to give me no matter my answer anyway. Whatever answer I gave, it did not matter. The outcome was the same. I spent my time inside exercising, doing gymnastics, including some dance, and studying Spanish so that I could go to Latin American afterwards. (I had to beg for the Spanish book from family because there was nothing to read in the PSYCH ward other than romance novels and bibles.) They put me on resperidone/resperidal.

I Went to Work for 6 Months

…(put image of money here)…I was severely damaged…i took a job nearby that fit an old resume…

I Started Creating a PSYCHology Business &…

…and an ESL recruitment and training business…

I Bought Muslim-Looking Clothing & Dressed Like a Muslim

…(put image of clipart of a woman dressed as a Muslim)…

I Prayed at the International Mosque in Clemson, SC

…I prayed here and socialized mostly with a couple of women from here…one was a political asylee from Iraq and the other was a Rhodes Scholar from Yemen who got into trouble in her home country for acting Western…

I Studied Judeo-Christianity in Central, SC

…(put image of Central, SC to the right)… I got falsely chased down the street for dressing like a Muslim, which was the same as the characters in the Jewish and Christian parts of the bible…I cried, when a church full of very unhealthy, disabled-looking Christian prayed for all of their healthcare, thinking that they never learned how to eat or exercise properly…

I was Chased, Ridiculed, & PSYCHically Harmed for dressing as a Muslim in 2014

…(put google earth location of central, sc church including downtown)…”aren’t you hot”…immoral ladies, especially ones wearing mini-skirts, psychically harmed me in my spinal column…

Spasming Spinal Column Problem!

…In 2014, I started to have a severe spasming spinal column…(add details here…)

I Called CCHR (Citizen’s Commission for Human Rights)

I Tried to Get a Restraining Order against my Family!

…especially against my mother who kept showing up at my work and my home unannounced…I called the police and…

What My Family Told Me just Before I Tried to Originally Seek Asylum in 2014

Twin sister: “You are one of those people that are going to die at 33…” I said, “If I die at 33, then it is because of PSYCHiatric poison!”

Little sister: “You are going to be digging in trash cans” Ther was no logical reason for her to be saying this to me. I was naturally the highest I’d ever been in my life…((When I got to Washington, D.C. and felt like I would be killed if I left and then got trapped, I called my little sister and told her that I was going to start a war for justice because of what I had just gone through))

Dad: “I’m done. I’m not going to help you anymore.” And he gave me a flannel shirt off of his body and left. It was the exact opposite of what he should have done in the situation.

“You See What Happens to the U.S.A. if You Throw a Rich Woman into PSYCHiatry!”

…a man walked by me between Clemson, SC and Easley, SC as I was walking down the sidewalk and said quite loudly as he passed me, “……”

“If You Don’t Help Her, you Help the World!”

…woman in Clemson, SC said this…I realized that I my life was fully being manipulated by people around me…

“You must have become smarter than Obama.”

…Someone walked past me and said, “You must have become smarter than Obama.” in order to explain my situation to me…

I Told My African Neighbor about My Problem

…he studied satellite engineering, focusing on zooming down to earth and getting images…i told him that i was poisoned by PSYCHiatry, dying and about to seek political asylum from the U.S.A….

I Decided to Seek Political Asylum!

…I planned to go to Washington, D.C. first (because if felt safer, as it was international) and get a visa there at the Chinese embassy, and then take a flight from the local airport there to Hong Kong, then take a train ride into China, where I still had money in a Chinese bank account. Then I was going to ask the police for political asylum and get another English teaching job, or, if they said no to my political asylum, I was going to use the money I had in China to fly to Turkey and ask for political asylum and teach English there, eventually intending to get to Saudi Arabia.

The Bus Rides from South Carolina to Washington, D.C.

…being on bus with all Muslim country people…man on PSYCHotronic computer hacking my spine…bus being canceled for another bus…being on bus with all black people…every time I started to fall asleep, my spine would spam to the breaking point, so I had to stay awake…

2nd Phase: Arriving in Washington, D.C. & I Couldn’t Leave the Country

When I First Arrived at Washinton, D.C./ Men with Ear Pieces

…men in suits with very visible white earpiece listening devices were everywhere around me…I was also asked if I was a political asylee form the Middle East because of my clothing and I told the person that I was a political asylee but the other way and she just walked away from me like she had severe autism and no care or understanding in the world about my situation…

“If you get on a plane, you will be killed immediately.”

When I got to Washington, D.C. (Capitol Hill area) to get a Chinese Visa and Catch a Flight to Hong Kong, someone walked past me and said that if I got on a plane, I would be killed immediately. So, I stopped trying to travel and started to write down how the U.S. government harmed me in the form of a movie/novel that I would give to someone to explain what happened to me.,+Washington,+DC+20002/@38.8979438,-77.0049635,12.0245263a,800.41284116d,35y,0h,45t,0r/data=CpcBGm0SZwokMHg4OWI3YjgyMTU0MDE5YmQ5OjB4MzVhMzBmOTg5OGQ1OGZiGa9Si9LvckNAIR6LbVJRQFPAKi01MCBNYXNzYWNodXNldHRzIEF2ZSBORSwgV2FzaGluZ3RvbiwgREMgMjAwMDIYAiABIiYKJAmZuy0Kqxs1QBGYuy0Kqxs1wBnNSmfmicJJQCHNSmfmicJJwCgC

I Stayed in Cheap, Nice Dormitory Hostels for first Month in Washington, D.C.

….I Stayed in very nice and cheap hostels in Washington, D.C. and Maryland, like HI Washington, D.C. Hostel, DUO Housing, DC Lofty, and more. They cost from $18-$40/night. The people in them were mostly attractive, thin, and well-traveled. They were the type of people I was accustomed to being around, as I had stayed in hostels in multiple countries in the past.

I Applied for Food Server Jobs in Restaurants but…

…I applied for food server jobs…working in food service was one of my resumes…As a food server, I could make cash every day to pay for my hostel each night and for food, instead of waiting up to two weeks, as I would in other types of work…but my head was bobbling and my spine was spasming, and I was going through too much, I was still a political asylee, …plus, I was still dressed like a Muslim woman…I did get hired at one Mexican-style restaurant, I think… later, I realized I should have applied for bus boy or dishwasher positions, based on the fact that I used to sit inside Busboys & Poets and used to talk to dishwashers in homelessness.

I Tried to Start my Fashion Business Again Online

…while staying in hostels my first month in Washington, D.C., I tried to start the fashion business that I started working on in Vietnam….one of the hostel guests, who had a marketing degree, tried to help me with it by showing me how to use website builders and more…as a way to make money fast…

I Started Sitting in Cafes to Write Down My Story of How the Government Harmed Me

I sat probably the most in Tryst cafe in Columbia Heights, Washington, D.C. to write down what happened to me. It was PSYCHically middle class enough to get work done (the people I met there were lawyers, English teachers, and such.) It kept me the most calm and productive compared to other places I tried to write at. Elsewhere, I had too much trauma to write about my life. I was looking up book publishers in this location to send in my story to. I eventually ran out of money doing this. I had to stop writing because I no longer had money to sit in a place that removed my trauma and allowed me to write well.

I Moved into a Women’s Homeless Shelter in Maryland, but…

…I got psychically attacked/harmed by just one of the women there, and I left so that I would not die of a broken spine while I slept…other than that one lady, I was fine…

“The Constitution is Going to Change!”

While I was riding the subway from or to the homeless shelter…a man freaked out while looking at me, dropped his bag, and said aloud, “The constitution is going to change!” I was only riding the subway to get to a nice cafe to write my story of what the government did to me and how I was attempting political asylum but got held inside the country. I was shocked that someone was so psychic and knew the future.

Men Surrounded Me as Bodyguards as I Sat in Restaurants!

….I was surrounded by all African American security guards inside McDonald’s and by all European American men in business suits in Lime Fresh Mexican Restaurant.” I did not know what they understood…

PSYCHically Told to Hold a Cardboard Street Sign for Help

…and I was PSYCHically possessed inside of McDonalds when I ran out of money to not go anywhere but to stay on the sidewalk in Chinatown with a cardboard sign saying my problem. I decided not to do it…

Chased By Helicopters for Months in Washington, D.C. when I Went Outdoors Homeless

I was chased by helicopters with PSYCHotronic weapons and devices for months in Washington, D.C. after arriving. They stopped chasing me every day and night when I started sleeping on the statue of a president who created his own constitution or the church nearby it. (These helicopters in the image are not the actual helicopters that chased me.)

Slept at Embassies

…I slept at a Chinese embassy the first few nights…helicopter chased us to it and hovered over us and PSYCHotronically scanned our bodies and PSYCHotronically posessed my camping partner……

Street Beggars Told Me about Church Basements to Go for Assistance

…i told street beggars that i was about to be doing the same thing as them to get helped and that i didn’t want to do it at all, and they told me about a non-for-profit in a church basement to go to…

The Hell of Miriam’s Kitchen & Georgetown Ministries

…i was PSYCHically ripped apart in the hell of these non-for-profit homeless day centers in church basements by African Americans who did not deserve to be in Washington, D.C., the political capital of the nation…

I Called My Family & Talked

Younger sister: I said, “I’m going to start a war over this, because of what you have done to me and what has happened since. I used to be the equivalent of a millionaire.”

Mother: She said, “You need to remember something about your childhood. Your sister says that you need to remember. Something important that you forgot.”

Father: I asked for money to survive in my situation and he sent me only $50 and said that he would help no more. It was the opposite of how he should have acted. I spent the money on a backpack to carry my belongings in.

I Called My Uncle in 2014 after I got to Washington, D.C. & Couldn’t Leave the Country

…Steve Kinder…did you get silenced? It happened to your cousin…Black Star Cavier/Kinder Cavier…U.S. Congress, Policy Institutes, Forbes, …When I had been locked into force PSYCHiatry, we were given a paper activity with two people eating dinner together and we had to write down who the other person is that you want to have dinner with and the dialogue between you and him/her. I chose my uncle Steve and wrote in the dialogue boxes about a conversation of getting an investment in my business that I created in Vietnam. I had already been thinking of him because of that activity.

“You are an advocate!”

…While I was working on my resume in a resume writing workshop at a library… I was trying to make a resume to change careers into a journalist, since I was good at seeing what was going on around me…a foreign lady with a foreign accent turned around and told me that I was an advocate… and I immediately thought that she was Russian.

Camped with Ex-Militia Exiles

…(add image of military color tent & camping)……former Blackwater/Army, spy with a new I.D. every 6 months, Russian who had a bomb in his ass and worked for Russia Today and Aljezeria, Serbian who was in military there, American who was a wilderness scout in Afghanistan, …

I Prayed & Asked for Help from the International Mosque in Washington, D.C.

…I was told I could live inside the mosque all day as it was open and pray all day and leave when it closed late at night to go to a 24-hour supermarket….Vietnamese came in…

I Prayed & Asked for help from the local American Mosque in Washington, D.C.

…It was full of local African Americans…I was not properly helped…

Taxi Cab Drivers from Islamic Mosque in Washington, D.C.

…I took my shahada from a taxi cab driver imam…And then I got PSYCHically possessed to stand in front of an advertisement for ‘Wounded Soldiers.’…and I was in the street matrix of the Muslims….all the taxi cab drivers in the city were from one company that hired only Muslims from the Arab world…The taxis were red and silver…All the taxi cabs disappeared and the taxi cab drivers dropped into the city’s homeless system as some kind of spies…Eventually, new taxi companies were created, like Uber and Lyft. And the taxi cab company started back again later.

I Felt Like I Was Forced to Stay Inside of the U.S.A. by Force to Reform the U.S.A.

…and achieve my political goals I had elsewhere, like with my own country…and because I was born and raised in the U.S.A.

My Bags were Stolen at the Statue of George Washington in Washington, D.C.

…on 9/11, by former Blackwater assassin and U.S. army guy and his gang…my university degree, my work contracts from overseas, all the pictures I saved from my life, my foreign currencies, my clothes from different parts of the world, my Muslim clothes, my computer equipment, cameras, phones, … I was left in the outfit of a black ninja not on purpose, with just one of my bags, a small black one…(put google earth image here too)…woman was hit by a car and screaming in the street for help when I tried to get help from the police…

The Georgian/Russian

He used to work for Russia Today, Al Jazerra, Iranian (I think) Military, etc… He rubbed massage cream all over me and turned me back emotionally into a Muslim. He took me to sleep at the White House lawn and at a World War memorial. He told me that he had a bomb that was placed in his behind by Pakistan for investigating terrorists for months while in Washington, D.C. waiting to have it removed. I was told by an accquaintance that he was KGB.

I Slept Outside of Places that I would Either Naturally Work at or that I Needed Help from

…I slept outside of: policy institutes like American Institute of Research (AIR) and American Enterprise Institute (AEI); embassies (like Chinese, Egyptian, Saudi Arabian, Venezuelan, Bosnian, etc..); non-for-profit community service centers for the homeless; local government buildings like unemployment center, courts, and schools; the White House; United Nations buildings; churches; lawyer’s offices; ESL school (I used to teach ESL), News (like American & World News Report), a movie theatre (I had been trying to write a movie of how the government harmed me and why I was homeless), etc…

I Was Refused when I Went into Lyndsay Graham’s Office

(put image of location of Lyndsay Graham’s office and image of him too here) I went to Senator Lyndsay Graham’s office at U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C. He was and still is the senator for the area that I was PSYCHiatrically harmed in South Carolina. I started to tell my story to a lady about PSYCHiatry there, first complaining that there was no separation from religion and planning to continue and explain everything that was wrong and exactly what happened to me, and just as I started, she told me to stop talking and to get out of the office because it was a conflict of interest and they could not help. I assumed she had severe autism and left.

I Studied PSYCHic vs PSYCHiatric vs Religious Terms

…Soon after getting to Washington, D.C., and while spending so much time in church basements, I studied PSYCHic vs PSYCHiatric vs religious terms, finding them to be referring to the same phenomenon…

3rd Phase: Either Start a War or Campaign for U.S. President…

“You’re Our Next Chinese President”

I was at the statue of George Washington in Washington, D.C. and some Asians walked past me and said, “You are our next Chinese president.” I assumed it meant that my political problem was the next focus of the Chinese government nationally and that the country would switch out of an engineering president to one focused on PSYCHology. (I’m not sure exactly when this happened in the story order.)

‘Female Jesus’ Spies

…(put Nicolas in this section with his picture)…man with a different I.D. every six months who rescued a woman, said that there were five women around the world competing to be Jesus, said he lived the life shown in the movie Captain America: Winter Soldier before, … man who introduced him to me with songs such as “Possessing Jesus”…homeless man who said “…die at 33… in Pennsylvania”

I Started Dressing Like a Soldier in 5 Shades of Camouflage

…I got the outfit from trading in women’s clothes that were inappropriate for me at a thrift store…the clothing represented the PSYCHological warfare I was going through…

I Shaved my Hair Off

…(I had black hair)…

No Life Skills / Socioeconomic Class Division in Homeless Shelters as in Capitalism!

…This was the worst part!….

I PSYCHically Lost the Ability to Speak and Write My Name

I PSYCHically Lost the Ability to Read, Write, Speak, & Use Technology

I PSYCHically Lost the Ability to Tell Anyone What I was Going Through (Unless they were Going through the Same Thing)

Problems with the Homeless System which Kept me from Moving Foward

… often no separation from religion – often no separation from PSYCHiatry – …they would not contact the United Nations for me, but only the local government for assistance programs, when I was an asylee from the U.S. government – PSYCHic attacks from the other PSYCHic homeless people – PSYCHic connections to the naturally poor homeless people destroying the body – no socioeconomic class separation of the people inside the non-for-profit shelters as there is found inside of for-profit businesses inside of capitalism – people using the shelters who were from other areas with much lower socioeconomic class than the area and who did not belong in the area at all – violent people not from the area PSYCHically and verbally attacking and stealing from others – military operations against the homeless who want to revolt – …

I Became a PSYCHotronic Star but Couldn’t Move Forward

…(…add images of sports, music, movie,…)…sports star, rock star, movie star, everything star, in what I thought was Satanism, like I was only allowed to work in entertainment, especially music, in a conspiracy, … And I did notice that the smartest words were found in some songs (like empire, war, satellites, …), like people got verbally suppressed into poets, I was possessed to not be able to ever tell my name so I gave people and went by the name of Star for a while…I did become a poet, not wanting to be. And a church did have poetry groups, …

I PSYCHically Lost the Ability to do Anything Well except Sing, Dance, Combat, and do Sports

…(add new images to above of a singer, a combat scene and…)…So, I ended up dancing on the sidewalks of China Town. I saw other people singing or dancing on the sidewalks all over Washington, D.C. so I copied them. I would dance for three hours straight and if I was lucky make one dollar at the end of the three hours. I think I only made money one time while singing, and it was about one dollar. I never would have done this if I had the ability still to talk weel, read, write, use a computer, and phone, etc… I could have applied for a job to be a superhero dancer at children’s parties there. I was already doing this for practice in the parks anyway.

I Obtained & Practiced PSYCHotronic Combat Skills

…. with African American men, with American men in Russian issues, with one homeless shelter worker, with ex-military American men, …

PSYCHiatric Medical Malpractice #3

Washington, D.C. George Washington Hospital E.R. and Providence Hospital.(add combo of both pictures above) The E.R. worker told me that if I tried to leave, that they would knock me unconscious with an injection. Then a man took me into a room away from all women, and knocked me out with an injection. I don’t know what he did to me after that with just him and me in the room together. I don’t know what he did to me after that with just him and me in the room together. This PSYCHiatric hospital did the following to me….no separation from religion with nuns running group activities…no male-female separation upon request…no separation from religion with one week…I was told that I have ADHD. I spent my time inside practicing PSYCHotronic dancing, combating, and singing. They gave me anti-biotics. I was there because I had no healthcare insurance. And hospitals arrest people without healthcare insurance into forced PSYCHiatry.

I Started Sleeping on the Statue of a President who Created his Own New Constitution

…(combine photo above on paint doc with other photo I have of the statue without me in the photos)…When I started sleeping here, it was the first night that I remember that helicopters left me alone…I was dressed in 5 shades of camouflage and had on a camouflage backpack too…

I also Started Sleeping at a Military Training Statue on the White House Lawn

“Do You Want to Look Like a Japanese Woman or Man Later”

…(I think this happened before I started sleeping on the statue of a president and miliary training, going above the two posts above)…At a statue of a soldier near the White House, a Japanese man in his military spoke to me and showed me pictures on his ipad or computer and asked me if I wanted to have the appearance of a Japanese woman or a man in the future. He told me that he was about to go back to Japan. I think I had been dressed like a soldier and acting like a soldier doing martial arts moves just before he spoke to me…

I ‘Played’ with Helicopters

…I combatted and danced to them and looked up and spoke to them, until one day, when I was on top of a bridge, instead of hiding underneath a bridge from them, the pilot looked down at me and then told me “Peace” by…

“I Liked the Helicopter Scenes”

… A child in the bathroom at a memorial at the mall looked up at me like I was a famous movie start and said, “I liked the helicopter scenes.” I thought, ‘Oh, child spies.’ How do you know my life, are your rich, and is that how rich maybe psychic kids life their lives, watching political asylees run for their lives from their own government as if the asylees are their celebrities instead of hollywood only…

I Suspected My Extended Family Around Me in Washington, D.C.

….After being in Washington, D.C for a while, it was after I had called my uncle Steve and told him that I was in Washington, D.C….

I Started Wearing a Saudi Arabian Burqua over my Camo

I Decided to Campaign for U.S. President

…I left the statue of the president and started walking to go get food stamps…

I Met Other Homeless Trying to Campaign for U.S. President

4th Phase: Creating a Political Party &…

Time Traveling Militia Helper

This is a picture of a man who confronted and talked to me multiple times. He said that he was a time traveling admiral of a spaceship and neurosurgeon studying a revolution. This is a picture of a man who confronted and talked to me multiple times. He said that he was a time traveling admiral of a spaceship and neurosurgeon studying a revolution. He said he was in the navy and air force. I went looking for him just before I left Washington, D.C. I needed to find him again. One of the last times I talked to him, he told me that I had woken up in cryostasis in the middle of surgery and he was there. I did see him fix me neurologically in my brain in person PSYCHically in a church basement bible study often.,-76.999509,-88.24h,5p,1z,xNrINyxLiviFG332us1y8g,+Capitol+Hill,+D.C.,+DC+20003/@38.8853127,-76.9999017,24.24771617a,754.45862592d,35y,-0h,0t,0r/data=CigiJgokCUXnDRT4cUNAEQZXoaUEcUNAGXmVPZRpP1PAIUoMdS4OQQFPA

(move this section down to later on in story) I have believed for a long time that Black Sun raised me, especially PSYCHically. When I was a child, I cried that the world was so bad and then I was PSYCHically talked to and told that I was not part of this world, to stay separate from it, to study it, and to return the information of the world to the group I was from in outer space. I would see myself in my mind ascend to outer space and look down on earth separate from it and get a complete feeling of peace every day for a while. I forgot about this until I was traveling the world later on. Plus, when I lived in Washington, D.C. I found myself beginning to think like the group’s philosophy and creating businesses with a logo very similar black sun, with one extra circle inside, before changing their logo to another one.

Black Sun Special Agent Recruiter

(move this section down to later on in the story)…This Black Sun special agent tried to recruit me years ago in Washington, D.C. He told me that they were currently conquering Washington, D.C. and the world and that they help sovereign nationals. He told me that he was born on another planet like Earth as a human and that he came to earth in a spaceship. He also said that he was going through PSYCHic stuff like multiple dimensions and time and space issues. I did not join because I was already in another group. But I later found him again and got more information. But we left each other on bad terms. I regret not joining. But at the time, I had my own organizations for conquering Washington, D.C. and the world, non-militarily. He tried to get me to go to Trump International Tower where he said his organization had a permanent room at. And he tried to get me to go to Kansas to his office. He said that he had $4 million in a bank account but that he had to operate on nothing. He said that his organization invests in businesses called presidents. He did not offer to invest in any of my businesses. He said that he had a spaceship at the airport nearby. He said he set up office between Trump international Hotel and the Washington, D.C. Mayor’s Office & City Council. He said men and women were separated in the office. He pointed out to me builders where Black Sun businesses were and told me that Black Star businesses were also Black Sun.

I Started Creating a Political Party called Ascension

…at first in my notebook, then on Facebook and YouTube, and then on Wix,…

I Started Using Library of Congress Computer Labs

…I used the business computer lab, the newspaper computer lab, law computer lab, and science computer lab…i created businesses and wrote newspaper op-eds,…

I Created Plans for Many, Many Protests in My Notes

…I drew out all the signs…eventually, I had to throw all of my notebooks away, as they were too heavy to keep carrying…

Anti-Islamic Terrorist Divisions People would Walk up to Me & Talk

….(I don’t remember exactly when this happened in the order of all other scenes…)

I Created an Elections Company in Homeless Unemployment Computer Labs

…in one unemployment center for the homeless, Community Life Services, I typed up in documents in outline form, everything that I knew was wrong with the government and how to fix it… inside another unemployment center for the homeless, I created elections companies’ websites on their computers…

I Studied Politics at U.S. Congress Open Hearings (move stuff from down below to here)

……to the military she said “you are the terrorists, not them…” pointing at me with not them…i saw Lyndsay Graham, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, …,…,…,…,…. in person.

I Moved into a Women’s Homeless Shelter for 1 Year

I Met & Talked with People Who Volunteered for United Nations

I met a PSYCHiatrist/neurosurgeon who was doing a walkabout for United Nations studying humanity in the homeless system who stayed there for so many years…

I Started Studying Politics at Free Policy Institute Events

…(create paint doc for words ‘Policy Institutes’)…

I Started Wearing Muslim Women’s Clothing Again

…I got the clothing in an all-black employee soup kitchen with a clothing closet, called S.O.M.E….the soup kitchen’s with clothing closets that hired all white employees, had sexually inappropriate women’s clothing only…

“You Can Get Political Asylum in India, but…”

….An Indian dressed woman walked past me as I was at the statue in the picture above and said aloud, “You can get political asylum in India, but you can’t have our men.”… I was standing at a statue of war…

“You remind me of a U.S. president after being a president.”

…A lady told me that I reminded her of a U.S. president after being president…She was like my real mother…She had a twin sister that talked about the PSYCHic realm….She told me about the Carter Center…

I Studied Judeo-Christianity

…I watched bible story videos inside of U.S. Congress and read the entire bible while sleeping inside a homeless shelter…

I Studied Judeo-Christianity, Church-Hopping in Washington, D.C.

…add paint document of images of many of the churches that I attended while studying…or use clipart of drawings of various churches..

I Started Street Begging in Capitol Hill at the Businesses ‘Predict It’ & ‘Aristotle’

I Eventually Street Begged after Many Years of No Help (combine this into section above)

(…put street image of “Let’s Play Politics” / “Predict It” / “Aristotle” here…) I started in China Town. I was somehow possessed to not make any money from anyone unless I sat in front of the correct business type that I would work for if I got out of homelessness. Almost all the street beggars made money sitting in front of food places. I made nothing there. I made nothing until I sat at “Let’s Play Politics” “Predict It” and a TV in the window playing national news all day long in Capital Hill, but the police stopped me just as I almost had enough money to get out of the country.

My Email Got Accessed by Russia, China, etc…

I lost my email account that had all of my political business info because the email company told me that my email was accessed in Russia, China, and New York City recently, when I had not been to those places recently.

I Planned on Getting my Name Changed

I intended to get my name changed… to at first Huangdi Con Malikat and then I decided to change it to Rey Malika Guowang King. I was also going to get plastic surgery to look like someone else. I didn’t want my family to find me, and I didn’t want for people to know about my past. I did intend to in the future still own a country of my own. I believed that the name is supposed to match your career and status in life. So, I wanted my name to be king/queen and emperor/empress in certain languages. After a long time of having no income, I decided to just start posting my information online with my birth name. I was embarrassed of the meaning of my name being honey bee and children in different languages. And I was afraid of the background checks people would eventually do on me.

I camped with Someone who Said that He Was Volunteering for CERN

He told me that he went to a united nations event sitting right next to the Indian Prime Minister as his guest…I saw him again when he walked up to my tent in Washington, D.C. the last time I arrived there this year…

5th Phase: A Political Party &…

I Started Dressing in Men’s Collared Dress Shirts & Men’s Sports Pants or Shorts

He Said he was a Volunteer PSYCHic for Russia

…from what I understand, he got out of the situation going on a schizophrenia check and going back to New York, because that is what he told everyone else to do once he started getting a check from the government…he got out when the situation got bad for so many and not just for me, with imposters everywhere and shapeshifting…

“It’s Top Secret; If I tell you, I’ll have to Kill you.”

…This is one of the people I was around. He told me that what he was doing was so top secret that if he told me he would have to kill me. I don’t know if he was or not. But it seemed like he was just one of the possessed PSYCHotronic video game characters in D.C. turning into a musician and military while also being PSYCHotronically attacked by satellites at the same time…

I Got a Hole in My Head from a PSYCHotronic Attack!

…I was on the statue of the president when it happened. I had a mirror in my hand looking at everything that was happening to my face and head…

My Face Started Swishing/Burring Off in a PSYCHotronic Attack!

…it would swish off in one direction, the opposite direction I was walking in. I had to cover my face with a mask for a different reason, and I looked like a terrorist in men’s clothing and a face mask covering. I was begging that no one notice. I was approached by two men I knew. One asked me to go pick up tents and items left behind, and I said that I couldn’t because my face kept swishing off in a blur and I have to hide it and figure out how to fix it. He just walked away saying nothing…

My Eyes were Getting PSYCHotronically Hacked by Different Groups!

Objects in My Bag Were Getting Teleported Out & then Back Inside

Horrible Shapeshifting Military Infiltration in Washington, D.C.

This is the location of a horrible military infiltration. I was under constant PSYCHotronic attack, constantly at the point of death. There was even a shapeshifting infiltration. People were being shapeshifted and imposters were replacing people and living their lives. Lots of people talked about and going through spaceships, time travel, alien invasion, bombs, etc… People were telling me that they just dropped down from outer space. Most events happened in Foggy Bottom and Georgetown areas. But I experienced events also at and near U.S. Congress in Capital Hill area.

(move this section to the appropriate location later…) Click on this link:,+Washington,+DC+20037/@38.898614,-77.05167,16.82046556a,800.40456295d,35y,0h,45t,0r/data=CpUBGmsSZQolMHg4OWI3YjdiMjEzYWEwZThmOjB4YzY0MmY5NTA5MWZiZmYxNBkm3ZbIBXNDQCHMC7CPTkNTwCoqMjQwMSBWaXJnaW5pYSBBdmUgTlcsIFdhc2hpbmd0b24sIERDIDIwMDM3GAIgASImCiQJD9cHuSx_QUARiVty_t99QUAZwuDhWKNoVMAh6PghVB1qVMAoAg

I Carried Signs on My Body for Help

…I carried a cardboard sign the almost the size of my torso with a string around my neck which said “Contact United Nations for Me” and such…I placed a cardboard sign on my rolling cart with my Facebook account on it and what I was doing.

I told the Homeless Shelters that I Needed United Nations & No One Contacted Them

…when things in Washington, D.C. were at their most extreme,…

I Posted my Problems (Especially Psychotronic) on Facebook as Best I Could

…I posted about my shapeshifting…

CIA walked up to Me & Befriended Me

One guy walked up to me when I was practicing dancing at a statue of George Washington and told me that he was the head of the CIA. I did not believe him. He told me that he had a recording studio in Arlington, VA and asked if I wanted to sleep in there. I was too afraid to trust him.

…(put his section down below in section in middle of department of state…)…Another guy told me that he as CIA/FBI, after being in two branches of the military, and trying to stop the homeless from starting wars. He also told me that he could shapeshift people. And he was in trouble through the courts for using voodoo on someone. He slept in a tent right next to mine for a while in the middle of many Department of State buildings and in front of a secret department of state entrance.

I Left for a Small Town in Maryland with an Imposter Spy

…town was next to NASA…I stopped shapeshifting when I got there and got a new face, which to me looked like a scientist…the man I was with ended up PSYCHotronically teleporting out and at least 12 different men were there sharing the room with me, one at a time, all using the same identity…they were different ages, sizes and levels of attractiveness…he (they) tried to get me to go to work as a construction worker, where he (they) just got a job, but told me that I could not take my bag with me, as there was no place for anyone to store bags there, and had to leave it in the hotel room all day until I got back from work…I refused to leave my bag in the hotel room all day while I was gone, so I stayed in the hotel room , except for going across the street to Starbucks to use my computer and such, and didn’t go with him to work…

PSYCHiatric Medical Malpractice #4

Washington, D.C. I don’t know the name of this hospital…when I did get locked away, my body was still shapeshifting and I could shapeshift it on purpose myself, but I had to stop doing this so that I would not get into trouble…There was a scale, I noticed my weight would fluctuate by at least 40 pounds when I felt my body shapeshift in size…This PSYCHiatric hospital did the following to me…locked me away with military, spies, superheroes when I told the police that I was with a Russian spy and they had left my bag with him. In this place an American ex-military man who hacked elections in Germany for Russia, who worked in Anti-Islamic Issues, and who said he was currently paid for by Russia, offered for me to stay in his hotel room for him after leaving. And an American military man offered to invest in one of my businesses…jay walking…(I don’t know the hospital)…in court, government lawyer illogically tried to hold me for the rest of my life…5 weeks…In the men’s area of the PSYCH ward, the TV played superhero movies and ball sports. In the women’s area of the PSYCH ward, I don’t know what was on the TV other than seeing romance problems one time and hearing romance songs on the radio there. When a woman asked for a novel from the desk, she got a spy novel. The PSYCHiatrist tried to put me on resperidone/resperidal. I said no. I complained to the nurse practitioner about him and showed her my political party online, Life Skills Divide, and told her that I could not withstand being around people with low life skills. She put me on a bipolar 1 drugs (name I do not remember) which worked….She told me that if I talked about Life Skills one more time, that I would not be allowed to leave. I had kept telling here that the clients and the staff had too low of life skills for me to be forced to be around. I told her that all the activities provided were too low in life skills as well.

Little Military Men on My Bag in My Tent

…I thought it was just my eyes possessed to see what was not there as harassment at the time, but later I realized they were little PSYCHotronially shrunked superheros like in the movies and tv shows doing something with my bag (after I watched sci-fi for a while, like ‘Ant Man & Wasp Man’, of course, it registered)…

I Obtained a United Nations Refugees Business Card

I walked into the United Nations Refugees Office in Washington, D.C. and got a card. I kept this card on me for years in my wallet. I did not have my words together to explain what I had been through, and I was too destroyed to talk…I don’t remember where exactly in teh story I obtained this card, but I can remember when I started showing it to homeless shelters in desperation along with the Black Sun business card…

Left D.C. to Virginia with the Same Imposter Spy Situation

5th Phase: 2 Political Parties & an/2 Empire

I Carried around with Me a Bag with Future Empires with Re-social Education Books and new Political Parties in it that had not been Uploaded online yet

…(move this section to appropriate place later)…notebooks, flash drives, computer… the material had not yet been published online or stored elsewhere…with no tent for protection for a while…

The American with Russian ties at World Health Organization…

…he told me where guns were stored in the middle of the Department of state buildings; told me how the police accosted him, calling him a Russian; he told me what he was doing in that location and that he was told to stay there, that he was looking in the sky for spaceships that flew over the area; and more …his tent was set on fire after I told the police about him…I walked up to him with the man that I was living with who was a different man often, and he said to the man I was with “Hey, I saw a spaceship saw a police car in half that you were in, and you got out!”

The South Korean American

…”Give me the $33 trillion bag”, spaceships, spy equipment, his websites written all over his tent…I suspected that I had the bag that he wanted for I was around thinking and saying that I had a $33 trillion bag…I copied this guy in some ways, like writing on my tent, carrying a sign, and recording myself talking about my life. I had someone I combat practiced with spy on him for a while.

Using Computer & Electronics from an Imposter Spy

…(put image here of computer, phones, and tablet)…

I ended up with imposters over and over again who took the identity of the people I was with and teleporting into my life. Every time I moved into an apartment or hotel with someone who was helping me to get out of my situation, my roommate was PSYCHically replaced (like through teleportation right in front of my eyes) through by someone in some spy group with a different face, personality, height, etc… I suffered from this over and over (at least 6 times in a row). In one situation, there were like 20 different men pretending to be the same person over time because the shapeshifting problem I was having was so severe. Sometimes, I was unsure if the person I was with was shapeshifting or being replaced by another person. At the end of most of these relationships, I ended up being PSYCHotronically/PSYCHically paralyzed and had to leave to protect myself. In the last situation I was PSYCHically attacked to go not just paralyzed, but blind, and unable to breath as well. I just had to accept that this was happening to me, until I moved into a family members home. (add sections below of some of the people who got replaced by imposters)

…the construction worker I lived with…look up his picture and name on Facebook later…(move him to the 4th section)…I was going to Family Life Services and using computer during this time…but not yet to Friendship Place where I created the elections company…

Simon…(move his to the 5th section)…spy psych ward situation..maryland…virginia…worked on PBCG skills website in his apartment…

William…(move him to the 5th section)…before the Simon situation & after the Simon situation…1st time there, I worked on _________….2nd time there, I worked on the political parties and empires…

Mario/Mared…(move him to the 6th section)…this is when I wrote all over my tent for help & just before I left D.C. for Pennsylvania…It is also when I was going in front of the White House to fundraise with the microphone…It is when I created the homeless defense company and started dividing up my political parties into individual specialized non-for-profit companies (which I started because of another guy, not his one)…This guy sold and gave out for free PSYCHotronic investigation marijuana to the homeless.

Antonio/David (Latino guy). can’t find our messages on messenger to get his picture yet…(move him to the 5th section)…This is when I had already created my development companies (empirial) and moved back outside… I lived with him in a tent, including in -8 degree weather with snow.

Nathan…imposter situation happened after leaving Washington, D.C. in Pennsylvania while we were living together. (move him to the 7th section) I lived next to him in a tent before this, during the time I wrote words on my tent for help and was fundraising and protesting at the White House…i ended up PSYCHically attacked to go paralyzed, blind, unable to breath, have severe flu and cold symptoms while with him, and I couldn’t get away because COVID-19 started and there was a lock down and the police forced me to go back into the apartment with him where he was PSYCHically killing me…plus he stalked me contacting my family that i moved in after not knowing them for 8+ years with after i got away from him…

I Tried to Raise Donations in front of the White House

…(add google earth image of location in front of white house and include it with other picture on paint doc first)…

I felt like I could do nothing else immediately, so I stated to try to raise donation money by singing, combat dancing, and speaking in front of the White House. I had a sign that had my Facebook account and two political parties on it. So many other people were entertaining or speaking on microphones at the White House, and they made money. Two people were even campaigning for U.S president there. However, only a group of children on some fieldtrip surrounded me and gave me a donation.,+Northwest+Washington,+Washington,+DC+20006/@38.8976633,-77.0365739,18.15983491a,800.41630582d,35y,0h,0t,0r/data=CigiJgokCXcGHkeacUNAESUg6ZAJcUNAGc737iKgP1PAIbBjd6RcQFPA

I Posted for Help Online from the U.S. President & World Leaders This one is no longer online. One person donated $1 to my cause, but I never received the money…Facebook:…WordPress Blog:…Wix Blog: This website had a letter posted for government leaders and united nations to read…

I Wrote All Over My Tent for Help

This is a picture of me at my tent. I wrote all over it in a panic. I wrote on it that I had two political parties that I was trying to upload online; that I needed the United Nations, the U.S. president and other nations’ presidents/prime ministers, the CIA, police, etc…; that I was a political asylee; that the government was not helping me or the people around me. I Contact the U.S. president, United Nations, CIA, etc…; and even entertainment like novels and songs so that people would know that my entertainment was at the same level as my employment. No one ever walked up to me or my tent and asked questions about it or tried to offer any help. People did however look at it and take pictures of it as they walked by. Everyone neglected me there in this spot no matter what I had written on the tent. Even when the police officers came to the spot for another unrelated issue, they refused to notice my tent and its words for help.

I Created My Blog with all My Work Projects &…

…it had a page for many of the businesses that I had saved on over the years (but not all of them), a page for all of the educational books that were in my mind that I intended to write, a page for all the novels in my mind that I intended to write, a page for my political problem and requesting help (a very long letter, probably too long for people to read), a page for my fundraising efforts at the White House with singing and dancing, a page for my combat skills, and more… The website was not paid for yet though, since I had no money, and it was hard for anyone to find online…

I Wrote a too Long Letter to the United Nations, The White House, etc… & Posted it Online

The Undercover Drug Dealers, Helping

…they sold drugs for the police or military and always helped the homeless indicriminately, plus they usually rode around on bicycles and where tall, thin, and most handsome living outside with the homeless,… the drugs they sold caused some kind of PSYCHotronic investigation where all countries lived in in the past flashed before the eyes and all personalities / souls people had in their lives changed inside their bodies…,+American+Red+Cross+Building,+Washington,+DC+20006/@38.8962454,-77.0461261,16.73059145a,800.43381905d,35y,0h,0t,0r/data=CigiJgokCfn8FzbVckNAETqej_09ckNAGTkXRdGfQlPAISwXPNRkQ1PA

I Created a Homeless Defense/Military Company

…(add screenshot of the company’s website)…Online…to protect U.S. citizens from military and police…(maybe put screenshot of website here)…

In 2020, while Still in Washington, D.C., I Started to Understand My Family were Probably Spies

(put picture of tent community where I had the thought…or…put multiple pictures here of whole family together, like me and two sisters standing together at dad’s house & picture of my father…the family pictures above cold go into section of moving into family member’s homes during COVID) This is a picture of me and my mother. I started to remember every conversation that I had ever had with each family member, especially specific ones tied to spy issues. (The info that comes next, I started to realize after I moved back into family member’s houses later on during COVID) I believe she raised me and my twin sister to be opposites on purpose in a twin genetics experiment, with my twin being raised studying in school ESP, outer space aliens, genetics, and the conspiracy of the moon and liking sci-fi movie and tv shows, and I was raised to like and do things related to babies and animals artificially through my mother, though her research projects he gave me for school, the bedtime story reading material, tv and movie programs to watch, etc… And then later in life in adulthood, me and my twin sister switched places through the people that we met (sometimes spies) and the lives that we led. She became a social worker with abused and neglected babies and later children too and only that for her entire life and i became someone studying, working with, or dealing with issues of ESP, outer space aliens, genetics, the conspiracy of the moon, and sci-fi-like experiences. I will write about this later as proof. I am not the person that I was raised to be.

Tried to Sell & Give Away Free Military Information in 2020

…I started writing a letter about military information in Washington, D.C….

I Walked up to the White House Police & Asked to Speak to Trump

…I showed them my blog online…They did not let me…They asked me “Do you want to kill or harm Trump in any way? And, of course, I said no, with an insulting tone. And one police officer sexually harassed me during the situation (explain details later). In the end, they told me that if I wanted to talk to Trump I had to do it through the internet at like everyone else.

Phase 6: Out of Washington, D.C. & to a Small Town

I Went to the Small Town of Brookville, Pennsylvania & I Got Trapped There

I Started Writing New Letters to the United Nations for Assistance

……I got trapped in Brookville, Pennsylvania, with Nathan, the guy in the last photo above, where I was being PSYCHicallly and PSYCHotronically attacked from my roommate to die…I couldn’t get away…..I got trapped in Brookville, Pennsylvania where I was being PSYCHicallly and PSYCHotronically attacked from my roommate to die…I couldn’t get away…I had not money to….while there, I mostly had no internet or phone, and I worked on educational books on my computer and on emails to send to people later like a Defense email proposing to sell defense information to the government…Covid outbreak caused all the businesses except for mostly food and healthcare businesses to close down…there were no busses to leave the town and leave the state, there were no homeless shelters nearby open, there were no hotels open, etc…I mistakenly walked up to the police to tell them my problem and get help, but…I couldn’t leave…I was being PSYCHically and PSYCHotronically killed…helicopter flew over house with a gun and lazer coming from it pointing at my apartment…covid19 started…i noticed military operations happening around me……before Corona virus pandemic was starting in the news, I was constantly being given flu/cold symptoms from my roommate…I suspect he was spreading Covid in Pennsylvania……i called my family that i ran away from for political asylum 8 years ago to get me out of the situation and the town…,-79.070682,-95.47h,5p,1z,XPm_oTsg71MNdxsiNNeyrQ,+Brookville,+PA+15825/@41.1559466,-79.0712774,409.62421842a,771.93004665d,35y,0h,0t,0r/data=CigiJgokCXpngxyqaUFAEdRHfh3XaEFAGYx-_qjGoVTAISmugkbLolTA

I Contacted Family, after 8.5 Years, for Help, but…

…(put image of phone here)……they could not help me fast enough…

I Went Up to the Police, but…

…(put image of police car or police officers here)…

PSYCHiatric Medical Malpractice # 5

Brookville, Pennsylvania. Brookville Hospital E.R. The hospital’s E.R. did the following to me…I went to the E.R. because my legs were going paralyzed and my eyes were spasming fully blind…they stole my bag from me for no reason…The nurse was unhealthy with obesity, bipolar disease, diabetes, and more…She had lower life skills than me and she did not perceive it. They told me that I could not see an eye doctor about my eyes going blind or a neurologist about my eyes or my legs going paralyzed until first I saw a psychiatry. I said no. They online let me go because I showed them that I had healthcare insurance card.

I Went Up to the Police for Help, but…!

…(put image of police car or police officers here, above)…police officer acted stupid…pretended my foreign words were actual jiggerish…saying that the U.S.A. is the best country in the world and that Americans don’t seek political asylum when they actually do…making me go back to the apartment where my roommate was actually killing me…grabbing the wrong back that I said had PSYCHotronics in it and another one that i said had sever radiation coming from it…

PSYCHiatric Medical Malpractice # 6

Dubois, Pennsylvania. Penn Highlands Hospital E.R. & Penn Highlands Behavioral Health Hospital & then in Gaffney, SC. This PSYCHiatric hospital did the following to me…Pennsylvania…claimed to a court that my two political parties were a delusion and that I had delusional PSYCHosis…I lost the ability to read and write from the PSYCHiatric drug Depakote and needed to wear reading glasses…I lost the ability to speak properly, developing a horrible stutter from another PSYCHiatric drug that I don’t remember the name of…5 weeks…All workers refused to go onto Facebook because Facebook was not allowed to be accessed in their hospital. But Facebook is where I had links to all of my businesses online. Once one therapist agreed to let me show him my two political parties that were online, they stopped telling the courts that my political parties were a delusion but never told the courts that they were wrong and started to tell the courts that I was being held for a communication problem. The communication problem I developed was a side effect of the PSYCHiatric drugs and was a severe stutter. I told the PSYCHiatrist that people can work manual labor jobs with a stutter. The place was for manual laborers only–the tv program that a staff member chose for all of us to watch on our shared tv was about construction projects around the home, the short story that i was printed out to read was about manual laborers working in the field of mining as entry level workers, the group recreational activities were manual labor, pre-school activities like create a paper flower from pre-cut out paper in shapes, and the most of the clients were manual laborers. The Questions that they asked me: When I first arrived, they asked “Why do you think you are here? What happened?” I told them I was in too much shock to talk and that I owned two political parties both against forced PSYCHiatry. I was shocked I could be locked away in PSYCHiatry when I had two political parties that I created which were both against forced PSYCHiatry. Later, they kept asking me just before giving me the drugs every time, “Do you perceive things that others don’t perceive?” I told them over and over again, “I am not PSYCHic.” I was given depakote, which did the following to me…They wouldn’t let me leave unless I was picked up by someone, so I had to either go with my family who had to drive 12 hours to come and get me who I perceived as spies and who harmed me 8 years prior and who I had tried to seek political asylum and change my name to get away from them or to the man that I lived with who had been trying to kill me for months PSYCHically and PSYCHotronically and who I had already called my family after 8 years to get away from him and the small town where I knew no one in the middle of Covid outbreak with nothing open, hotels, not homeless shelters, not bus stations, nothing. In S.C. at the out-patient center, the lady asked me first, “How tall do you think you are right now?” Everyone working there was only 4 feet something tall. Later, she asked me what I did for recreation, how much alcohol I drank, and what my sex life was. All of this was irrelevant for my life.

7th Phase: With Family & Trying to Leave the Country Again, but…

My Family Came & Got Me

…(put image of people driving in a car & map of Usa with an arrow from SC to Penn…)..

Moved into Family Member Homes During Covid Pandemic (move to end of section 5th Phase)

…(need to divide this into two sections–one for father’s house and one for moter’s house)(above, show pictures of both my mother and my father’s house & also a map of south carolina)…I moved in with family during the COVID pandemic…Everything had shut down…even though I suspected them of being spies and being PSYCHic…and even though they had harmed me through the government and were the original reason why I was seeking political asylum and was a political exile for so long…my mother falsely told me that I had to take PSYCHiatric drugs in order to stay in her house, and I told her no. She did not even know that I was suffering from complete PSYCHiatric malpractice; dying from PSYCHiatric drugs; having numerous negative side effects of the PSYCHiatric drugs like eye blurriness and stuttered speak and body spasms; unemployed because of PSYCHiatric malpractice; and seeking political asylum from the U.S.A. because of PSYCHiatry, needing the write down everything that happened to send it the United Nations…My mother was rude and illogically refused to listen to anything about my life. She only talked to me about food and sometimes exercise or a tv show she was watching. She had no interest in what I was going through. And I sometimes thought that she was pretending to be stupid and doing everything she was doing on purpose to me because that is how Americans and people of this world are. No member of the family would talk to me about my life appropriately, except for my father a little and my mother’s husband a little. Three of my family members kept in contact with the housemate I called them to get away from after I moved into family homes. They did so in secret, not telling me. I told the man to stop stalking me. He tried to be in contact with my dad, but my dad refused and gave me the mail that he had sent him, not reading it. I couldn’t tell my family what that man had done to me, because it was on the PSYCHic realm, and in the USA, we are not allowed to talk about the PSYCHic realm out loud except if we talk about it being Jesus only.

I Moved in with Family Members in South Carolina (Father’s House)

…my father was only at the house 2 days per week and the rest of the time I was lone…I worked on writing one of my anti-PSYCHiatry educational books…was too lonely…

PSYCHiatric Malpractice # 6 (Continued…)

…Cherokee Mental Health Clinic, in Gaffney, SC….i was told that I was not forced by law or any court to receive any services the first time that I went…eventually, the bill ended up being falsely overpriced as $995…”How tall do you think you are?” All the workers were four feet tall. Other questions were, “What do you do for recreation?” “What is your sex/romance live?” “How much alcohol do you drink?” “Do you do any drugs?” And the advice she gave me was, “Choose one project and move forward.”

I Studied Homelessness & Military Issues in Homeless

…I had nothing else I could do…

I Was Severely PSYCHotronically Attacked through the TV

I Moved into Mother’s House

…when i first moved in, my mother told me that I was going to be forced on PSYCHiatry to live there and I said no and left, telling her that I was starting a revolution in the USA against PSYCHiatry and it was the reason for everything i was doing. She then came and got me from where I was and said she was sorry, and i moved back in…while there I studied my family members to determine if they were Black Sun or not…while there I also: remembered about possible spies in my life (in university and such, before I thought about military and politics, such as a physics student studying time travel and a psychology student who befriended both me and my twin sister for years and was the reason I went to a bar my first time) and remembered about me and my twin sister being opposites and how we switched halfway through adulthood in university, I put up post-its on the TV to contact the United Nations and CCHR…I drank Clubtail Beers from a convenience store at a gas station nearby. I told the casher when asked how I am that I drank Bahama Mamas beer, saying I’m upset about my Mama and Natty Daddys beer because I was upset about my father. I thought about buying Voodoo Ranger because I was going through, but I never did…I found out my mother’s favorite restaurant in town was Blue Voodoo…I worked on websites, editing them, I paid for so people could more easily find all of my work online without using Facebook for the links, i paid for the website PBCG Skills and prepared to move forward with that, but i did notice that i that everything that i had online was and keep people from using PBCG Skills services. One lady online asked me if i was a government because of what else i had put online… but I also finally started focusing on PSYCHology, especially focusing on the prefix PSYCH, such as PSYCHology, PSYCHiatry, PSYCHic, PSYCHotronic, PSYCHotron, PSYCHosis/PSYCHotic, anti-PSYCHotic, PSYCHotropic, PSYCHe, PSYCHedelic, … (and I thought it was because of where I was)…I vomited 24/7 under PSYCHotronic attack from my computer…I felt like I had COVID for almost a year…my mother only talked to me about food every day and sometimes about exercise, and when she finally talked to me about my health (ignoring all of my neurological disorders, like my spasming spinal column, my bobbling head, my spasming eyes into blindness, my legs going constantly into paralysis, etc… which kept me from working), she talked to me about a cold I had…She screamed at me when I started talking about my actual life…She falsely treated me like I had autism, when she never did this when I was younger and had actually had it then but not as an adult after traveling the world…i started studying abnormal PSYCHology, PSYCHiatry, anti-PSYCHiatry, PSYCHotronics, satellites, targeted individuals, sci fi & fantasy entertainment, …. i noticed that i was getting neurological diseases from the sky and not just from my tv and computer…i bought a face mask at the store that said, “We the People” and wore it…a neighbor walked up to me in the neighborhood park while I was checking all of my devices from a spy and where they connected up to in the sky and she somehow connected all of the devices I had in front of me to her own body while walking up and talking. She said that she just moved into the neighborhood as a home aid for a senior citizen lady…I thought she was a spy who just moved into the neighborhood…at the very end of my stay there, I noticed that my mother was starting to PSYCHotronicallly dance just like me and I got upset…there was severe radiation in the house that night and when I spoke about it, I got falsely yelled at…my mother watched star trek voyager and Charmed every single night for almost a year, but never once talked about sci fi or fantasy in it as happening in real life…my mother told me towards the end that my twin sister was star trek and not me and i told her that now she is not star trek but me…i posted black sun with spaceships over earth on the refrigerator as a drawing and one of my business cards for people, business, city and government consulting, and neither one was ever talked about at all to me…more…

I Noticed My Family PSYCHically Communicating & Operating on the PSYCHic Realm

….I first noticed that my family were PSYCHically communicating with each other when I video called my family for Vietnam in 2013 in order to get help getting out of the country…And in 2020, when I returned during COVID19 pandemic, I noticed them interacting on the PSYCHic realm…

I Studied PSYCH, Blogged, Wrote Books, Fixed Websites, Rested…

…My focus became PSYCH gradually…

PSYCHotronically Attacked at Mother’s House in 2021

…large military helicopters flew over the house and the T.V.s and my computer were hacked and PSYCHotronically attacking me after…(add photo of my mother’s house–street view and google earth with the helicopter image from paint doc once combine in a paint doc),-82.535566,-33.03h,5p,1z,dCfSkHyuE6-Wg4wYrZJ3ow,+Easley,+South+Carolina/@34.8222846,-82.5357036,286.64809407a,848.72429803d,35y,0h,0t,0r/data=CigiJgokCXcGHkeacUNAESUg6ZAJcUNAGc737iKgP1PAIbBjd6RcQFPA

I Studied ParaPSYCHology in 2021…

…In 2021 (at my mother’s house), I watched Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies and tv shows, I watched movies and tv shows about people falsely placed into forced PSYCHiatry, PSYCHiatry, Anti-PSYCHiatry, PSYCHotronic Attacks & Manipulations, Targeted Individuals (T.I.s), Outer Space Aliens, Satanism, some Religion such as Islam vs Jewish Religion, … I also talked online to many people who were either anti-PSYCHiatry or targeted individuals.

I Left to Go to Birmingham, Alabama, to Get My Birth Certificate, but My Mother tried to Stop Me By….

…mother calling the police and lying saying that i have the disease schizophrenia and her trying to kidnap me through the police…i told the police that schizophrenia means PSYCHic and that they are chasing down and locking away people for being PSYCHic and the policeman said that he and we don’t know this…policeman used PSYCHotronics on my body assessing all of my personalities.. and he hacked my phone connecting his car to it PSYCHotronically…

I Went to Birmingham, Alabama to Get My Birth Certificate

I Got Severely PSYCHotronically Attacked!

…neurologically PSYCHotronically attacked to have: bobbling head, spasming spine, blinding eyes, vomit,…so i stayed mostly in my motel room, only leaving to go to the local store to buy something…

I Socialized with Black Men

…during my neurological PSYCHotronic attacks, i socialized with African American men on the sidewalks and in my motel room with the door and curtains open…

I Re-Practiced Combat Skills & Being a Rock Star, Singing and Dancing

…I tried to re-become a PSYCHotronic superhero and rock star, but I was so out of shape, and I was under PSYCHotronic attack and more…i hoped that the PSYCHotronic dancing and combating would get rid of my PSYCHotronically induced neurological disorders and they did…plus, i thought that it was the only way to move forward…

“I’m the Army!”

…(put image of sidewalk area where this happened)…A man walked past me on the sidewalk yelling that he was the army as I was talking to a man who said that he was a witch/wiccan and I was telling him about my work projects and political parties and…

My T.V. Played ‘Domestic Terrorism’ All Day Long

…Paranormally, for over 12 hours msnbc played domestic terrorism on my motel tv….a black male visitor in my room noticed it and he PSYCHically changed the T.V. to something else…

My Phone Got Hacked & then Taken by Military

…(put image of cell phone here…)…when I arrived in Birmingham, Alabama, my phone was telling me I was in a different city than I was, it refused to give me addresses to places like hotels, and when I got to a hotel, it fully stopped working for me…then, later, the same guy who screamed that he was the army on the sidewalk before, got my phone…

A Group of Blacks in the Military did the Following to Me:

…(put image of black men here)…the group was with that same man from before who said that he was the army…I had been acting bad, however,…they paralyzed my body down to the ground with a PSYCHotronic device that I saw a lady in the group use, injected me wile I was on the ground, beat me up,…

I Put My Bag Down on the Ground with the image of Marvel D.C. on top, Waved to the Sky, & …

Aerospace Battle in Birmingham, Alabama

This area in Birmingham, Alabama in 2021, I was in / underneath an aerospace battle with spaceships landing and crashing down. I was there to get my birth certificate. I was under severe PSYCHotronic attack and dying and some people came to help me, but at the same time, the aerospace battle was occurring. …half invisible large black jets landing down all around me with the smell of fuel in the air and debris left on the ground first when I had danced (this part goes at top of paragraph) … a group of about 12 good-looking young black men wearing all black walked up to me and told me to stay with a black man for safety. This black man had been harassing me, and I had been trying to get away from him. This man had been in my hotel room and wouldn’t leave even though I screamed for him to leave. He had also followed me in on the sidewalks when I was trying to hide from him and other black men.,+Birmingham,+AL+35203,+USA/@33.5116222,-86.8158838,192.10787533a,1563.30404501d,35y,-0h,0t,0r/data=CigiJgokCV0OAhtgbDVAEVoOAhtgbDXAGYzpwfw9CGBAIY3pwfw9CGDA?fbclid=IwAR1MeRa3OMfjMiJoBlP5ok0lB19qgazUcZPJFJEgMfoaGnR-DNTBhwnXlhk

Black Men I Did not Know & Ones I did not want to talk to Followed Me

After the Aerospace Invasion, I…

…I walked around looking for a new place to rest, with the intention of going back to get my clothing bag that I left under a bridge during the aerospace operation… I had no phone, couldn’t find another motel or hotel to sleep in, couldn’t find a homeless shelter, couldn’t find any business open except for one business eventually (the bar full of black people only)…people kept just handing me food only and ignoring my situation like they had severe autism…there were gun shots…there were miniature men/superheros around me (and inside my body operating on me and talking to me saying things like don’t eat or drink because it harmed them)…the insects…the Blacks mistreated me by saying things like “Go dig in the trash” for no reason, when they were the ones naturally digging in the trash and not me…After a long time with no sleep, I started rebelling…

I Went to the Police for Help, but…!

…(put image of police car of police officers here)…All I said was “I need political asylum.”…They dug in my bag…

PSYCHiatric Medical Malpractice # 7

Birmingham, Alabama. AUB (University of Alabama) Hospital. This E.R. did the following to me…resperidone/resperidal tab dissolved on left side of my mouth and the left side of my body lost the ability to PSYCHotronically combat and dance. And my voice lost the ability to PSYCHotronically sing… They placed me into a ward for alcohol and drug use… I lost my vision for reading and writing and needed glasses because of the side effects of the PSYCHiatric drug depakote, though the drug helped to PSYCHotronically disconnect my body, especially my legs from the African American people in the PSYCH wards, which i needed……lady taking my blood pressure and stuff said “Looks like you are going through time travel and maybe multiple dimensions.”…5 months…put on bipolar drugs for wrong bipolar…the forced me to be in rooms with giant windows takin gup an entire wall exposing me to the spy during aerospace battles with my body being damaged from the air in attacks; I had no concrete or brick walls protecting me from the sky or from outside,…at one point, I saw my body being destroyed and bloodied over and over again and fixed and back to normal over and over again from attacks from the window.. They initially gave me resperidal/resperidone which (I described above) and then on biploar drugs which did not work. I became very, very sick for months afterwards when I went off of the drugs. I vomited and had diarrhea for months after. Within a week my eyesight came back though. The therapist tried to get me to work in my father’s factory ignoring my past work and the fact that I had a PSYCHology degree and owned two political parties and was trying to work in politics. She refused to ever look online to see what I do. The website was already online with all my business and book projects. She ignored who i was pretendeing that i was no one and even falsely and autistically told me to go work in a manufacturing plant where my father worked as an entry level manual laborer

I Moved into Women’s Homeless Shelter

…They released me into a women’s homeless shelter which was nice enough. They were more careful which ladies they took into the shelter …I went to a cafe every day and the library and worked on my websites and books…i stayed in contact with my father through email while sitting in these cafes or the library…the shelter required that i take the PSYCHiatric drugs to stay there because they were in contact with the PSYCH ward when i was there and i was released into their ‘care’, but i was not forced by law to take the PSYCHiatric drugs and no other homeless shelter would require me to take them, so I wanted to move out. the therapist that i talked to through the government in connection to the PSYCH ward i had stayed at, told me that i could change shelters in order to stop taking the PSYCHiatric drugs…she also did not talk to me about my life appropriately, asking me questions about my romance, like if i ever gave birth to any children, when that was not what i was going through, and i tried to tell her about the aerospace invasion and jets crashing down around me, but she would not respond to it, much less talk about that… but she did talk to me about my work and moving forward financially in one direction. She was not qualified for my situation, like all other forced therapists I had since returning from abroad. I noticed them all to have too much autism and not understand about my actual life. Plus, an attractive, tall black lady moved in and we talked about international travel and something, but later she PSYCHically/PSYCHotronically attacked me so that i could not walk on my feet and needed a wheelchair…

I Finally Went to Get My Birth Certificate

…and my phone malfunctioned to not have internet any more just after I got my birth certificate, so I got lost in the city not able to use step-by-step GPS assistance…

Went Back to Washington, D.C., but…

…(…put image of Washington, D.C. here)…PSYCHotronically attacked immediately… … I looked up into the sky and waved at a vehicle and then I was being made blind and given neurological issues…I got back some of my PSYCHic skills that I had lost, like where my body was connected to in the environment… …. weird paranormal stuff happened…African American issue…I did hear someone say, “She does have up online.”…got sick…

Bus Ride from Washington, D.C. to South Carolina

…(put image of bus here)… I lost the ability to have a PSYCHic conversation while at the end of the bus ride and lost communication with my ‘gods’/PSYCHic helpers…

8th / Current Phase: With Family Again &…

I Moved Back into My Father’s House

…he was there 2 days a week for many, many months…I was very sick with vomit and diarrhea for months and months…Eventually, he moved back into the house full time, and I got back productive again because of the PSYCHic connection to someone being productive…i created the website “Protect PSYCHics”, “Help PSYCH Victims,” when I first got there and I worked on many of my blogs, creating new ones like,, etc… I put a couple of new videos on youtube, like about my 2 political parties, that i was a political asylee, and about my PSYCH revolution…I was very unproductive, mostly watching tv nonintentionally, until my father moved back into the house full time, then I created the business names “PSYCH Defense” and “PSYCH Consulting,” taking PBCG Skills off of my Facebook bio…I began focusing on PSYCHagain…and I started working on a political asylum blog for my political asylum story, and, adding a new letter to U.N. and the link to the political asylum blog…

I Live in Complete Fear of Telling People My Story or Moving Forward Financially

…I’m in a very small town, in the middle of the countryside with no driver’s license where there are no buses, away from a United Nations or any embassy or consulate,…I seriously fear the police (both their PSYCHotronic weapons and how they falsely arrest people into PSYCHiatry because of their severe autism)…I don’t trust people to be normal in this area as much as in Washington, D.C. of New York City, N.Y…..

I Took a DNA Test in December 2021

This is a DNA test result from I took it to know my ethnicity and where my family immigrated from, especially if they were spies (particularly related to African Americans). There is no division of ethnicity between France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and England in this DNA test.

I am a PSYCHic & I Fear for My Life / I Don’t Want to Be Locked Away or PSYCHotronically Murdered

…(put at top in last section called ‘Current Phase’)…

War/Battle & Time Travel in Gaffney, S.C.

…spaceships hovering above house and surrounding properties… invisible humanoids all over including reptilians but not just them… screaming monsters/humanoids getting locked up in the woods and lots of people screaming loud during it in the woods beside my house…sun and moon were in the sky at same location above my property interacting and assisting PSYCHically…jet streams everywhere, including ones going directly down to the ground on the property beside mine on each side and constant jet streams marking off my property with a giant ‘X’ when it was safe again…superheros in metal suits with fire boots entering and leaving property beside mine…sounds of war approaching the house from one direction constantly and then disappearing in sound into the cars going by like the war was being shrunk and teleported into the cars and vehicles… the helicopters…my body possessed and attached to an invisible cord to a vehicle in sky to survive and blogging about it online as it happened…getting unhacked and hacking anonymous…going more and more PSYCHic to survive and PSYCHically ‘seeing’ the electricity flow through the wires in my home and understanding how to fix my body that was getting hacked blind eyes… many suns visible in the sky not behind the clouds and behind the clouds until all but one disappeared and moon was gone from day sky…space ship people leaving he properties in front to my house…black cloud covered sky all over except directly above my property…gun shots all over the properties in front of and behind my house…my shapeshifting partially into a reptilian humanoid alien after shapeshifting into other entities partially… i had been shapeshifting into the invisible humanoid aliens and non-aliens on my property and talking to the groups PSYCHically…i chose certain reptiles to stand with in the mess feeling like they were the ones that were family the most…i got scared, saying that i did not want to die during this invasion and i wanted to go back to living the same life as before, and i time travel to before the black cloud and to when it was still day time and there were still many, many suns above instead of one all over again and there still being a moon in sky in the daytime and all the suns shooting down something to the ground leaving small clouds of smoke on the ground everywhere…the world not being the same after the time travel and seemed exactly opposite with the suns being evil instead of helping and the moon being kinder instead of more evil…US Congressman Lyndsay Graham was one the T.V. and the new supreme court justice I think and woman started talking to men in my throat asking me who I was and she assessed all of my organs and said that i was a top angel and super spy…i decided to get out of the area and walk down the road to safety and ask for help form someone…i felt like i was being held in a location to be punished…the land started to cave in on one side of the road as I walked down the road for help to get out of the area…

Police Pulled Up Behind Me as I Was Walking Down the Road Trying to Get Out of the War/Battle Zone

…they mistreated me illogically…they went through my bag…they read a paper in my bag on top of my wallet that said that i was dying from PSYCHiatry having extrapyramidal symptoms…they stopped mistreating me as bad…i told them my situation as best i could…they asked if i would take an ambulance and i said yes, because that meant that i could get out of the area and nothing was worse than the area i was in, not even PSYCHiatry…they said that a bunch of cars were going to follow the ambulance and they did…i thought it was to PSYCHically get us out of the paranormal area… i talked PSYCHically to the drivers in the cars behind the ambulance about whether i would die or not…

March 2022 PSYCHiatric Medical Malpractice # 8

…Gaffney, S.C. E.R…Shapeshifting Assistance with a Drug that would take 3 hours to work, Alien Removal, Put Unconscious for 3 hours…

…Cherokee Hospital…alien removal & PSYCHic reptilian FBI agent assessment of my torso & my life including my childhood but not my future and not my mind…i was told that i was born a reptilian alien and then was shapeshifted into a human, but i was told a week or more later to tell people i was born a human and that they were wrong in my assessment before of being born a reptilian and that they could no longer tell the difference but think that i was born a human…

…Spartanburg Regional Hospital, Mary Black Campus,…alien removal problem, bomb in groin issue…the other time travelers…the spies…kingsway / royals in excile / sage / getting to know god / heaven & hell / etc.. issue…PSYCHotronic ceilings and bedrooms ceilings and beds / psychotronic pills / …writing our goals only over and over every day for no reason at all with all of us having good goals in life like starting and owning businesses / 2 tvs and 10+ people… the coloring of animals with crayons …


PSYCHically & PSYCHotronically Attacked for Years

Police PSYCHotronic Attacks

I was constantly PSYCHotronically attacked by technology on the police in Washington, D.C. (especially the police surrounding the White House and the police in helicopters) until I stopped attempting to seek political asylum and started creating political businesses like elections companies, government consulting companies, political parties, and specialized political non-for-profits.

And then, whenever I went up to the police to complain about my political situation, I was PSYCHotronically attacked by the police technology.

Police PSYCHotronic Attacks

My Involvement with Russians

…Al Jazerra/Russia today/bomb in his ass guy: the one at Department of State; the one at the psych ward advising Trump family paid for by Russia, who used to hack elections in Germany and work into Anti-Islamic Issues and asking me to sleep in his hotel room; the one talking to Putin in his head about a bomb; the one investigating and sleeping at Russian embassy; the imposters of Simon; the man at the White House asking “Are you Russian?” …

…(put a screenshot here)…

Man in a White Van in Middle of Department of State

…he parked next to my tent, walked up to me to say hi, and went back to his vehicle where he slept… the white van had i think blacked out windows…

White Vans Lined the Street in front of My Tent

…After I demanded protection where i was and security cameras in the park, the police told me that there would be undercover people survelliancing the area, and that night many, many white vans with blacked out windows lined the street in parking spaces for at least two blocks in front of my tent area….

White Vehicles Helping Me in Brookville, Pennsylvania

…it was mostly vans with fully black windows in Brookville, Pennsylvania…it eventually switched into other cars in Birmingham, Alabama.. even red…my body was connected to the cars…cars were competing for me…(put image of white vehicles here and say that they are not the actual ones that were around me)…

White Vehicles Helping me in Birmingham, Alabama

Eventually, I started getting helped my other color vehicles, like red, with different colors acting differently on the PSYCHic realm…i was PSYCHically connected to these cars in communication and in combat skills with the red cars changing my combat skills in a way that was more difficult for me to move, but more powerful and more rebellous…they made lots of noise zooming…their zooming masked the noises a bit of large partially invisible black jets landing down on the streets next to me, and they probably partially masked the jets smell, but debris was on the ground from where they landed, …

Shapeshifters Found me in Brookville, Pennsylvania Eventually

…eventually in each state I moved to the shapeshifters found me…Pennsylvania, South Carolina, …Easly, South Carolina…Brimingham, Alabama…

Shapeshifters Found Me in Easley, SC Eventually

…they were people in a car in a parking lot i was walking through…i noticed that my body was connected to them as i started to shapeshift….

Shapeshifters Found me in Gaffney, SC Eventually

…(on my property, invisible, but i got helped from them; there were already invisibles here i was interacting with before they got here, for a short time i was able to choose to shapeshift my body to thinner, taller, etc… after my body started shapeshifting against my will as i walked closer to fatter or thinner invisibles surrounding me, i was able to shapeshift my body back to normal with help after i shapeshifted say fatter…)

I Connected My Electronics to a Telephone/Electric Pole in a Store Parking Lot &…

…I was trying to stop my computer from PSYCHotronically attacking me while i worked on it by changing what the device was PSYCHically connected to…As I did this, black men in a vehicle held a device outside their window and connected my devices to them…

My Mother & Cold Medicine to Africa

African American Issue

…(1) they are PSYCHically attacking people in the homeless system like the demons of hell (2) they are smarter in some ways like with spy/political issues (3) too many in Washington, D.C. don’t have certain life skills that are important to ascend in society, especially the ones in the homeless system (4) they see people not plants and animals, usually, with their art usually being of people, unlike most white European Americans, which is usually of plants and animals, (5) they more readily talk about the PSYCHic realm out loud, as do white European Americans who were falsely diagnosed with schizophrenia, (6) they can talk about politics at the local level, like mayor, unlike so many white European Americans who only talk at the level of national politics, in complete ignorance of local politics, (7) so many in the homeless system are violent, and criminals, (8) they know that complex English and math is not needed and probably know the education system they were raised in was wrong, (9) too many attack with violence, PSYCHically or not, when you verbally insult them, (10) black people are dropping from the skies and saying so, (11) many sleep and stand or sit outside in homelessness in Washington, D.C. usually in the smartest places like the local Department of Unemployment,…

…(put image of card he gave me here)…China Town, Capital Hill, …(put image of business card here if I still have it in my wallet)…

My Clothing During this Time

…I switched from wearing Muslim women’s clothing (a long skirt to my ankles, long sleeve shirt, and headscarf, which were all stolen at the statue of George Washington on 9/11 the first year) to a soldier/miliary outfit with multiple shades of camouflage and a camouflage backpack (which I wore to display the PSYCHological warfare my entire body was constantly under in my situation), to a Saudi Arabian burqa. to Men’s collared shirts and men’s sports pants or sports shorts… Both men and women in the homeless system in Washington, D.C. started dressing just like me in my last outfit choice. I still dress this way today.

I started Talking to People whose Entertainment was the Top

…even janitors, as the education system was wrong,… people’s video games, novels, movies, tv shows, cartoons, paintings, actual recreational activities, conversation topics, etc.. showed their real natural careers and people had the wrong careers because especially the department of education…I was learning that the military, politicians, social workers, human service workers, doctors and nurses, psychologists/therapists, police, and the rest of middle class people were actually dumb and not in their natural careers…

I Created 2 Political Parties / I Divide the One Political Party into 2 Political Parties

Life Skills Divide Political Party Website:

Ascension Political Party Website:

Harassed at the White House by the Police Many Times

…They would check my bags and no one else’s…they would always single me out…

I Was Always Going through Situations that Needed to Be in the News but that Not Were & I Wanted to Report them

…I didn’t understand why I say so much that others did not notice and that was not reported in the news, other than that so many people had autism and did not even know to report it to the news to begin with, if they did even notice it…So much as not of gun shots or wrecks as is usually in the news….I even tried to start my own newspaper, creating it on a website builder program…

I Noticed Women Upside Down in Morals!

…This started in Vietnam… Then in Washington, D.C., I noticed the homeless women and…

All My Art Began to Match Politics & War

(…put images as examples together in a paint document: beer, restaurants, statues, videogames, more…)…my songs, movies, tv shows, videogames, novels, cartoons, paintings, statues, photos, videos, …. my foods and drinks, the businesses I entered like restaurants, apartments and hotels, streets I used, …and everything else, like conversations, …

“Fisherman” Spies

…In the beginning in Washington, D.C. people would walk up to me or i would walk up to them and they would say that they were fishermen…The first man was Japanese…I found out later that disciples were fishermen…

The Church of the Presidents

…fishermen…pastor with last name of Fisher…The pastor kept saying “Do we follow Jesus or go back and become fishermen?” and at the door, were children’s coloring sheets of fishermen fishing in a boat. They did not understand Jesus and his disciples, and they did not understand the concept of free healthcare and food that Jesus gave, along with his outdoor homeless ‘sermons.’ They were not ready to help the poor, and in fact, this church did not have in its basement a homeless program like so many churches in Washington, D.C. did. It was and is the closest church to the White House and is actually called ‘Church of the Presidents’ because U.S presidents all attended its sermons. I assumed they were looking for fishermen in modern times. And I had said once, in front of the church when homeless were sleeping in font of its doorway, that my uncle was a millionaire fisherman.

African American Men were Offering Housing, but…

…they required dating…

I Didn’t Want to Become the American Women!

…tried not to develop their personalities for some time…I was surrounded by men in two restaurants who acted like security guards while I ate…

I Was too Upset with Women’s Fashion!

…I screamed openly in public on multiple occasions…at and near the White House, in the middle of the Department of State, in the Middle of Congressional buildings on Capitol Hill, … I even did it with a microphone…

The Danger of the Parks & Outdoor Sleeping, in Neglect

…gang rapes, beatings almost to death, all possessions stolen, people set on fire, watching…

I Noticed too Many Homeless Women were Better than Women Allowed in the Upper Class

…they dressed like men, had shaved off heads, no makeup, wore men’s collared shirts and loose pants, if they wore shorts, they wore men’s shorts to their knees…or they dressed like the most moral women, with their hair pulled back in ta low bun, and wearing moral women’s clothing, like a loose skirt down to their ankles,…

Operations on the Women who were Moral & Upside Down in Morality!

…I noticed in Cairo, Egypt. I noticed in Hanoi, Vietnam. I noticed in Clemson, S.C., U.S.A. And I noticed in Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

I Noticed Far-Right Women are Psychotronically Held Down in Homelessness

I Noticed the Far Right & the Far Left were Both in Homelessness

A Day Center Worker Mumbled, “It’s Safe to Go to the Homeless Shelters Now, “The CIA are Now in There”

One Woman Undercover Kept Taking Away All of My Male Friends

…her name was GiGi, she was the age of my mother, when I first saw her, she was sitting with an admiral of a spaceship neurosurgeon…she kept walking up and taking my male friends who were my own age from me, when she was the age of mine and their mother…GiGi had told me that she had only been a maid…I had heard her tell another man my own age that she had only been a box mover in a manufacturing plant…I noticed she was PSYCHically talking to me…

Lots of People Talked about the PSYCHic Realm Aloud

…(1) especially the blacks, (2)the whites who were forced into psychiatry and falsely diagnosed with schizophrenia, (3) people who said that they were aliens from outer space and said that they dropped down from the sky, both ones who said that they were born human on another planet like earth and ones who said that they just took on a human body, ….

PSYCHiatry Kills!